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Zero Merchant Fees | No Contract | Free Point Of Sale

Access your Point Of Sale system from any Internet-connected device. Desktop computer, laptop, phone, or tablet it makes no difference. EzPay America makes it easy to run your business from anywhere and anytime.

In Store Payments


We Make This Easy!

Start Accepting in-Store payments with our lightweight Swipe-it point of sales application!

Electronic Invoicing


Get Paid Faster!

Send electronic invoices to your customers with a pay now button. No envelope no stamps no post office.

Electronic Checks ACH


Accept Electronic Checks
Make it easy for your customers to pay the way they need to pay. Cash Check  or Credit Card

Recurring Payments


Set It And Forget It

No need to send a bill every month for the same amount. Just set up recurring billing and get paid each month.

Fraud Prevention


Outsmart Fraudsters

iSpyFraud our rules-based Prevention tool stops fraud dead in its tracks. Stay one step ahead of fraud.

Payment Updater


No More Expired Cards

Our software automatically updates your customers expired card with their new card information.

E-Commerce Ready


Take Payments Online 

Your account comes e-commerce ready. Plus, we offer free payment pages for your business.

Quickbooks Ready


Quickbooks Ready

Bill directly from Quickbooks or import your information. Either way, we have you covered for accounting.

With EzPay POS we provide you with all the tools necessary to manage and grow your business. No need to spend thousands on hardware that becomes obsolete in a few years. EzPay POS is a state of the art POS solution that is constantly updated and improved. Plus, with our Zero Fee Payment Processing you never have to pay to get paid. Come, join the EzPay POS revolution.

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